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I write content that draws readers’ attention and communicates your message to build Know, Like, and Trust that builds Relationships.

Pamela Burks, Writer

“People do business with PEOPLE” not companies. Your prospects and clients learn WHO you are when you engage them with email, Blogs and Social Media about you and your products and service. They learn to Know, Like and Trust you! You need a RELATIONSHIP with your clients and reaching out to them in Blogs and eMail is the organic relationship builder to build that relationship.


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How We Do This

1. Set your Goal

3. Setup a content review Calendar

2. Define a Persona

4. Create – Approve – Publish!

Copywrite Packages

Quick and Easy to Digest — Succinct — Builds the Know, Like and Trust factor of Relationships

and Sells, Tells and Propels the Value and Benefit of Products and Services

Simple Start
1 Article + 2 Related Social Media or Blog Posts
1 Article + 4 Related Social Media or Blog Posts
1 Article + 2 Related Social Media & Bog Posts + 1-100 word Event Promotions

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