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“People do business with PEOPLE” and today more than ever before, your clients what to know WHO you are before they invest in a business relationship with you.

Your prospects learn WHO you are through your email, Blogs and Social Media when you share how you relate to the world, your products and services.  You become “known”.   But if you’re not “saying” anything, how will YOUR prospects learn to Know, Like and Trust you?   Copywriting develops your online presence and shares content that attracts your follower’s attention then compels them to respond.

They’ll want to engage with communication messages that stir them to respond.   As we transition to online and visual messaging that conveys meaningful sales, service, and product information, don’t you want YOUR readers to be stirred to take action? 

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I write content that builds reputation and communicates your messages more effectively.

How We Do This

1. Identify what your communications will achieve

4. Create your “Voice” in print

2. Define the business solution you want to share

5. Setup a content review Calendar

3. Set your communication style with your clients

6. Create – Approve – Publish!

Copywrite Packages

Simple Start
1 Article + 2 Related Social Media or Blog Posts
1 Article + 4 Related Social Media or Blog Posts
1 Article + 2 Related Social Media & Bog Posts + 1-100 word Event Promotions