If you’re a Coach, entrepreneur, manager, or digital marketer,
I develop content for you!

It’s not just WHAT you say but the WAY you say it that makes an impact

Relationship is the currency of strong, consistent business. Customized done-for-you content attracts
YOUR readers’ attention, communicates

YOUR message and creates the

Know, Like, and Trust that builds Relationships.

Pamela Burks

“People do business with PEOPLE” not companies.

They want to know you. Your prospects and customers may find your product and service pages but that does not tell them if they can trust you to deliver what you promise. They WANT to TRUST you, but they don’t KNOW you. You need to develop a RELATIONSHIP with them through consistent, authentic communication in your blogs, emails, and newsletters. I create content in your voice that shares your personality, experiences and delivers your sales or service value message. I create your “voice in print”.

My clients have increased their customer engagement and multi-service purchases from engagement content I’ve written for them. Content I write motivates, inspires, and engages readers…and I LOVE my work!

Let’s collaborate. Tell me your product or service-related experiences and I’ll convert them into engaging stories with your desired call to action for your customers, prospects, and followers. I’ll learn your communication style and create consistent content that “speaks” to your audience and compels them to “Read More“, “Click Here” and “Buy Now“.

Ready for MORE customer engagement?

Ready to grow and build your relationships!

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How We Work Together

1. You Set your Goal during our discovery sessions

2. We Define your “voice in print” from your tone, style, and key phrases

3. I Setup a content review Calendar for your communication channels

4. I Create – You Approve – We Publish! DONE!

“If you need to develop a content strategy and are struggling with content creation or planning, contact Pamela, you won’t regret it. I have used her for my client engagements and will continue to do so in the future.”

Kelly Biggs
Creating Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Revenue| Obsessed with LinkedIn, Google Analytics, SEO, and WINNING

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