Relationship is the currency of
strong, consistent business.
Customized done-for-you content attracts
YOUR readers’ attention, communicates
YOUR message and creates the
Know, Like, and Trust that
builds Relationships.

— Pamela Burks, Writer

“People do business with PEOPLE” not companies.

Your prospects and clients want to know WHO you are when you reach out to them with your message. Finding your product and service pages still doesn’t tell them who YOU are. They want to TRUST you, but they don’t know you. You need to develop a RELATIONSHIP with them through consistent communication and authentic sharing in your blogs, emails, and newsletters. I create content in your voice that shares your personality and delivers your sales and service message. I create your “voice in print”.

I’ve been writing for over 15 years authoring multiple books, coaching and training programs, and as a magazine columnist and editor. Communicating a message that motivates someone is thrilling for me but it may not be for you. So let’s collaborate. I’ll write and you can share with me the message you want to share with your audience. I’ll learn your communication style and create consistent content that “speaks” to your audience and piques their curiosity to “Read More“, “Click Here” and “Buy Now“. Select a content package below to grow and build relationships!


Emails & Blogs

Video Scripts

ChatBot Scripts

Case Studies

Our Process

1. You Set your Goal

3. I Setup a content review Calendar

2. We Define your “voice in print”

4. I Create – You Approve – We Publish!

Content Packages

Quick and Easy to Digest — Succinct Messages– Build Know, Like, and Trust Relationships
with content that motivates and compels your email list, blog post, and Newsletter readers to Take Action!

Simple Start
1 Article + 2 Related Social Media or Blog Posts
1 Article + 4 Related Social Media or Blog Posts
1 Article + 2 Related Social Media & Blog Posts + 1-100 word Event Promotions

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