Speaking Your Language

The way we help one another grow is by talking with one another. Truly “hearing” one another is when we grow closest to each other. Both personal and professional relationships grow from talking and truly hearing one another through the language of understanding.

Encouraging understanding is how I support family, friends, and clients build their relationships. My gifts of “clarity from chaos” truly “hearing” your heart” and translating what’s in your heart to clear, actionable words are how I grow my own relationships too!

I’ve enhanced my gifts by learning to translate words from the heart into the language of understanding to encourage and empower others in my blog, speaking at conferences, writing for publications (e-magazines, books), and social posts. And I’ve been writing and speaking most of my life. I had my first speaking event at the age of 11 in church!

Clear communication develops “know, like and, trust” relationships and builds brand reputation. Communication in every medium is my platform for reaching out to truly hear and help. I’ve been a writer for years. When I write blogs, newsletters, e-articles, and social posts about my clients’ stories of business success and personal triumph, they touch so many lives. That’s why I do it! As a Content Writer for business owners, I help them build relationships with their clients through the language of understanding.

While I spend most of my time as a writer, I still Coach privately to hear and help build inner confidence and courage in others. You might want or need to grow On Your Journey. Or develop P.O.I.S.E. using verbal and non-verbal communication to share personal and professional messages on camera on stage or in social posts. Starting a new business or new life adventure with less stress and more self-care in your routine creates harmony between personal and professional enjoyment in your life. And Calm in our uncertain world is a much sought-after “commodity” that would be traded on the stock market as a highly valued and desired acquisition if possible. But instead, it’s learned day by day in our lives.

Using the Language of Understanding has been a HUGE opportunity in my life. I guide others to share it and live it themselves. Follow me as I share my gifts and talents on MY life journey. Subscribe to my Podcast or engage me to help you speak through the language of understanding with your friends, family, and clients.

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