Writer and Designer Satisfaction Survey

Welcome to your Writer and Designer Satisfaction Survey.

Each question has been carefully created to gather vital information for process improvement and to enhance service offerings.

Please answer each question below so that I can grow as a better service provider.

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A Few Short Questions

Another project completed and it's always a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for your repeat business!
With each project, I look for opportunities to create a more enriched client experience and to that end, Please share with me, what worked for you, what didn't work and any recommendations to enhance your future experience.  I'm excited to start our next project!

Please rate your overall Design and Content Editing Experience?

Project Vision

Capture of the Clients Vision is important to the success of the project.  Initial meetings are designed to capture not only the project vision but with Content Development, the contents' "tone" for communicating message and building relationships.  
Please rate the Vision Capture and application to the project.

Was the design delivered within a timely manner?

When applicable, business advice is shared to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Website. How effective was the advice you received?

Business advice is not a purchased service, but a value-added service provided to enhance the operation of the website of business. Did the advice add value to your project?

Content Editing ensures message clarity and correct context on your webpage or blog. Check all that apply from your editing experience:

Rate the Content written for you on your website pages, blogs, and eMails that align with your brand and "voice".

Please share the experience that provided the most value to your project

Did you know?

I offer Writing services in several types of content.
Please select a service you're considering for your next project to receive more information.


I'm always honored when recommended by my client to their friends, colleagues, and co-workers.
Would you provide a short testimonial in the comments below or an endorsement in Linked In?
I would love to hear which experience sparked your testimonial.

Thank you again for sharing your responses to the questions above.  Your experience is important to me.  The comments in this survey will help me grow and provide what clients, like you, seek from a Content provider.

Until Next Time!