Copywriter Questionnaire

March 25, 2023

Copywriter Project Assessment Survey!


Thank you for choosing Pamela Burks Copywriter Services!  To help me improve, Please answer a few questions about your experience.  It will only take 3 minutes and your answers will help make my copywriter service even better!

Thanks Again!



How would You rate your overall Experience?

Your Experiences include more than the published content.  Can you include scheduling, content/topic research, quality of content, and achieving the goals set in your rating?Deselect Answer

Rate your published content

Rate the Quality of your content?

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Which Goals did you Achieve?

We set goals at the start of our engagement.  Please share which of those goals you achieved.  Did you achieve additional goals that we didn't plan to achieve? 
Please include those as well.Deselect Answer

Which product type resulted in achieving your goals?

I'm always honored when recommended to your friends, colleagues, and co-workers.  Would you provide a short recommendation or endorsement in
Linked In ? or here in the Survey.

How likely are you to recommend me to a colleague?

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Did you know about these?

The copywriter services I provided to you are only a few of the services available. Below are additional services that could benefit your business. Please select any services that you want to consider or want more information to achieve your goals.

Is there another service we can provide?

I network with businesses in other industries and I'd be thrilled to connect my wonderful clients with my wonderful colleagues!  Let me know if you need a service you have not found yet and I'll share my referrals with you!