Passionate about Empowering Others!   

Pamela Speaks!  

Certified Toastmaster and award winning Speaker, Pamela is an Empowerment Powerhouse!  Her Keynote talks ignite and inspire you to “Effectively Communicate” and “Find Optional Outcomes” while “Tipping the Scales to Balance” so you can “Be Ah-Mazing” and motivated to take those “scary” steps out of your comfort zone into Success!    Request Pamela to Empower YOUR Group! 



Speak Confidently

Time: 60 min

Message: Overcoming fear of speaking to groups

Purpose:To Confidently engage in groups or with individuals for idea or educational exchange

Achieving Optimal Outcomes

Empowerment and Passion

Time: 60 min. 

Message: Leading your company will require focus and the ability to “cast your vision” to ignite collaborative support from others. Tap into your creative Power Within to innovate and transform vision into reality. “Entrepreneurship is a tough game, we’re not invincible but we can be unstoppable…when we’re committed to achieve.

Effective Communication

Message: Clear and Concise Communication to teams, staff or groups 

Purpose:To Cast Vision or Establish Objectives to teams

Be Ah-Mazing

Harmony and Balance

Response vs Reactions

You're A Gift

Time: 30 min

Message: You are purposeful in your very essence, deliberately designed and divinely given. Your value is undeniable and your benefit immeasurable. You are Gods own daughter and are marvelous in His sight.

Purpose:To inspire self-acceptance.

Speak Confidently 
Educational, Experiential Professional Development |Key Words:
Confidence, Non-Verbal, Verbal, Communication |Duration: 1 hr, 2 hrs | Interactive Capable: Yes
Excerpt from “Speak Confidently”
Architect of your Destiny | Design Your Life |Audience: Career Professionals, Retirees, High School & College Grads, Empty Nesters |Duration: 60min
Effective Communication |Audience: Business and Network Presenters, Authors, Sellers, Facilitators, Educational, Experiential |Key Words: Career Professionals, CEO’s |Duration: 30min, 45min, 60min