I have been speaking and singing publicly since the age of 10.  It was a natural vocation to lead teams to communicate more effectively and individuals to speak and live more confidently.  As an award-winning Speaker, Coach, and Entrepreneur, I empower clients and inspire event attendees to Achieve Bigger Goals and become the BEST version of themselves.


When I graduated from Michigan State University, I was sure I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  However, life has a way of shifting your plans and life experiences teach you what you don’t know in the beginning.  I  created an award-winning corporate career as a project and change manager which was amazing but not soul-fulfilling.  To “do what I love”  I had to make a shift to feed my soul.   So, I started my own company in 2004,  with non financially rewarding results.  It did teach me what I needed to do differently for the next time.

Sometimes your greatest knowledge comes from just living life.

Finding my true calling was an amazing adventure and in 2010, I began again with more focus and clarity.  I began helping women entrepreneurs and managers develop the confidence to intentionally build careers in spite of the intimidation that corporate life and owning your own business can offer.  My clients learn to Speak up and Speak out to “Speak Confidently” and intentionally “Planning Success”,  gain clarity about their goals and desires.  Pulling it all together is where I provide focus, teach the strategy, and provide encouragement and support to live balanced lives while achieving bold goals and becoming your BEST YOU! 

Sometimes the biggest change you make is within yourself!
“I’m an introvert who learned to be an extrovert so I can achieve my desires, to “have a positive impact on others”.  What are YOU WILLING to change to achieve your desires?  Making a major life decision is only half of your change.  You still need to be willing to develop new habits to sustain the transition to get there.  Right now you have your FIRST decision before you, to schedule an appointment with me to learn how to make your next decision easier.  It’s time to working smarter not harder.

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