Originally published 23. March 2011 by Inspired Thoughts

Very often we find that distractions appear out of nowhere at just the WRONG time.
As soon as I decide to save money, a store puts the very thing I’ve been drooling over on sale – Distraction

As soon as I decide to pay off a debt with my income tax, a new opportunity becomes available that takes ½ the money – Tempting Distraction

As soon as I decide to start to exercise in the morning, I can’t seem to get up on time anymore – Physical Distraction 

Me?  I’m a “shiny penny” person.  I’m always on the computer looking for “stuff”.  While looking for one thing I find something else that captures my attention, 4 hours later….I’m late to an appointment because I’ve spent too much time on Google! – I’m thinking about giving up Google for Lent :-).   

More importantly for me, when I decide to develop a closer relationship with God in prayer or when I’m really upset about “things” in my life and I want direction from God, I don’t seem to be able to keep my mind still so that I can pray.  My thoughts seem to wander everywhere and I can’t concentrate – Distraction!   

Distractions are the little things that keep you just enough “off balance” so that you give up before you start to do something that’s GOOD for you.  Fighting distractions is hard because they are annoying little things…like Nats at a picnic….after a while they wear you down and you give up on what you want to do. 

Most women know that if you spray any flying bug with hair spray, the wings will stick together and they will drop to the ground and leave you alone.  We need to find the “hairspray” answer to the little nagging distractions in our lives that keep us from getting better at being who we are.  My “hairspray” answer for the wandering mind when trying to pray is pinpoint my focus on a song that speaks to what I am trying to do….”Just a closer walk with thee” or “The battle is not yours it’s the Lords” or “We fall down but we get up”.   I spray my Nats with spiritual song until they all drop to the floor and leave me alone….sometime is take a few days of spraying but I need to be as persistent as they (my distractions) are to win the fight to be a better ME. 

If it’s an goal I want to achieve and it seems everything in the world gets in the way or trys to distract me from what I know I have to do.   I “dig in” and stay committed to getting what I want and FOCUS on what matters most to ME and what I desire to attain.  By using a “hairspray” that relates to what I want to do, while “spraying” I get closer to accomplishing it…Never Give UP! Never Surrender! 

Keep spraying…


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