“You can’t envision what you never “THINK” about. You cant “ACHIEVE” what you never start. You can’t “BE” what you never “TRY”.”


“Did you put on your mindset this morning when you got dressed? Set your expectations and your attitude to have the day YOU want to have.”


“No one expects you to fix the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to be an example of what’s WORTH being in it. We need each other, now more than ever.”


“Resolving a big challenge is a lot harder looking at the whole thing. You don’t need the whole plan, you just need to take your next step.”


“Three things you never do with a fear. Don’t feed it, EVER!, Don’t give into it! Don’t let it make your decisions.”


“The key to your tomorrow is what you DO today!”


“When you ASSUME you can’t have it and don’t try…you guarantee you’ll NEVER have it.”