Present with P.O.I.S.E.

Personality, Originality, Influence, Sincerity, and Engagement

Entrepreneurs cast Vision, Influencers Empower.
How are you making YOUR mark on the world?

It’s your big presentation broadcast. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach, a trembling voice,
and visible sweating.
This is NOT the CONFIDENT IMPRESSION you want to make.
Will you remember all your speaking points?
Will the audience ask questions you can’t answer?
Will your message inspire them to act?
What will you do while the host is talking?

Present with P.O.I.S.E.

P.O.I.S.E. eCourse

Immersive Training that puts you in a presentation environment immediately.

Is this for you?

  • Are you building Know, Like and Trust relationships with your listeners, followers and clients?
  • You’ll learn the keys to developing a professional image and speaking with confidence.
  • You’ll get TIPS to stay on topic, engage your audience, answer questions with ease.
  • You’ll use a blueprint as a guide to deliver a flawless presentation whether on Camera or Podcast, Live or Pre-recorded.

3 Modules

What you say and
How you say it

Professional Habits

Flawless Delivery
ContentDesign What you say and How you say it to build a following
Use a professional blueprint to create your presentation content
Use storytelling to engage your audience and breathe real life into your presentation
Create visual, memorable messages with imagery word choices
Professional HabitsRefine your delivery skills on a Podcast and on Video
You’ll get 1:1 Virtual Coaching to:
Control Nervous Habits Use Body Language Strategically
Create and use Notes Effectively  Master Q & A Sessions
Create a Confident Speaking Voice and a Professional Brand Persona
Flawless DeliveryPresent your own presentation or use an in-class case study.
Record and review video practice sessions.
Receive expert critique to make adjustments for a Flawless Presentation.
Finally, Present your signature talk on a live Zoom Call with an audience Q & A

Speak Flawlessly with Confidence and Influence your Audience with your message.


Thank you for speaking at our annual Womans and Girls Conference! Your presentation was empowering and informative and I just want to thank you! My heart was joyful throughout the event, tears of joy were in my heart for the beautiful work that you do!   Brenda     Yelp Review 


I’m your Speaker Coach, Pamela Burks, an Award-winning Speaker and Certified Toastmaster. I’ve been speaking and singing publicly since the age of 10 receiving accolades and winning awards as a speaker and vocalist.

Speaker Competition Award

Coaching for nearly a decade and professionally speaking for over 20 years, I am an introvert who coaches introverts and extroverts to become influencers. My blueprint walks you through a proven process to Manage Nervousness, create Memorable Messages, Speak Eloquently and develop a Personal and Professional Public Image and Great Impressions with Confidence.

Ready to be Flawless on Camera or Podcast?