Overwhelm – Tame It!

The most common reason for feeling overwhelm is trying to make the perfect decision – flawless, without error.

Truth be told, there are no perfect decisions.  All decision are flawed in some way because we cannot see the future and we can only see the past from our own perspective and unfortunately most life decisions don’t give us enough time to figure out the perfect answer.  Because we don’t have the perfect answer does not mean you don’t make good decisions.  But we agonize over them more than we should.

The steps to create a foundation for making your Best decision in the midst of a challenge:  

  • Take a deep breath and then another
  • Gather the facts you have available to you – don’t worry about what you don’t know
  • Remove anything that is NOT possible – you can’t act on what is NOT available to you
  • Make a decision based on what you DO know and CAN do
  • Remember that you can and have always handled changing and challenging life situations
  • Take a deep breath and then another
  • Move forward


  • BELIEVE in yourself

Whatever the result of your decision, YOU can handle it.  Past challenges are your evidence that you CAN handle what life throws at you.  You may feel that you could make BETTER decisions but the reality is that you can only make the decision available to you when the challenge or change happens.  Give yourself a break.   Some of your past situations were difficult and in hindsight, if you had more information, you MIGHT have made different decisions but with a clear, mind unclouded by emotion, you’ll typically make the best decision. 

Trust yourself.  You’re the best judge of what you need and when you need it.  You CAN do this and THRIVE.

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Until next time….


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