On your Journey…

There can be a lot of “In betweens” that keep you “stuck” on your journey  
     •  In between Marriage and Divorce
     •  In between Entry level and Executive
     •  In between Active Parent and Empty Nester Mentor
     •  In between Confused and Confident

There is doubt on your journey
     •  Is this the right time to make a change?
     •  How will a change impact the lifestyle I have today?
     •  Will this decision align with what I want to be in the future?
     •  How will I balance where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow?

and it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling and lost, haven’t started yet or afraid to move forward…it’s comforting to know that you’re not really alone when traveling by yourself, you’re only a phone or video call away from a supporting, coaching conversation.

To find out if having a traveling partner is right for you schedule a “Discover Call”!  It’s free and short so…what do you have to loose? 


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Each Coaching Program is designed to develop the best of your characteristics and enhance or transform your skills to BES – BALANCE and EMPOWER you to have the SUCCESS you want!


“The journeys I’ve been invited to share, have been amazing experiences with amazing people who are
on the way from Point A to Point B in their lives and I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with them to navigate
around the barriers of “limiting habits”, “fears that prevent getting to their Point B” and I’ve been blessed to
arrive at their Point B and Celebrate with them! —Coach Pamela
….traveling partner experiences
 …She has helped me realize what I want out of life and is helping me get there…Yelp Review
I have been using Pamela’s services for a few months now.  We have an hour and a half session every week.  I sought Pamela’s help to ‘fine tune” a few behavioral traits that I wanted to work on,  and now that I have been working with Pamela it has turned into something much greater than this.  She is helping me in all areas of my life and helping me become the person I always wanted to be.  She helps me in areas of career, love, family, health and wellness. and spirit.  Pamela is a great listener, and her style of work is to ask you questions to help you realize what is most important to you.  In my time working with her it has been a pivot point in my life.  She has helped me realize what I want out of life and is helping me get there through applying tools and holding me accountable.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to become the best version of yourself.


…Pamela was able to help me gain focus and clarity through motivation
set practical objectives…Yelp Review

I met Pamela during a dark period of my life.  My personal life was up in the air.  I was desperately seeking someone to help me gain clarity and find some directions.  First, I went to see a traditional psychologist recommended through the Employee Assistant Program (EAP). After 5 free sessions, I was in no better place.  I did not connect with my counselor.  Then I met Pamela at one of her Woman In Transition group meeting.  Right a way I noticed the difference.  Talking to Pamela was like talking to insightful friend who gets “ME”.  I did not felt like a patient or client to her. 

In our early sessions, we talked about my issues, goals and directions.  Pamela was able to help me gain focus and clarity through motivation and set practical objectives.  Within a few months, I made great progress with her help.  She was the light that let me to the right path.

I would highly recommend Pamela to any woman who seek life balance and clarity.  She will help you boost confidence and achieve your dreams.

…I know I can reach out to to help me maintain a life balance, building my confidence
and encouragement to pursue my dreams…Yelp Review


I hired Pamela as a life coach a few months ago and it was the best investment I could make for myself. She provided motivation and inspiration during a difficult time of change in my life. She was able to show me tools and techniques to help me stay focused and gain clarity in my situation. Pamela not only was my life coach but she has become a friend and someone I know I can reach out to to help me maintain a life balance, building my confidence, and encouragement to pursue my dreams. I highly recommend Pamela Burks as the go to woman for your life changes and motivation.