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An Award winning Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur, Pamela Burks empowers you to be the BEST version of yourself with Confidence, Communication, Leadership and Emotional Balance topics. 

…Powerful, Motivational, Inspirational…Toni Z., Event Planner

Pamela speaks at Leadership Retreats, Empowerment Conferences and Confidence Workshops throughout the US and authors coaching programs and webinars translating words into concepts that are easy to apply.  Her speaking and coaching testmonials speak to powerful transformations from attendees, clients and event planners who enjoy the experience Pamela creates.

…Thank you for leading the Rising Against All Odds Organization’s Women and Girls Day of Recognition.  Your presentation was empowering and informative, excellently presented”…Brenda D, CEO

Do what you Love
Early in her coaching career, she accepted an opportunity to co-author self-help books.  Her published writing projects include:

Overcoming the Superwomen Syndrome: …Pamela Burks is a brilliant writer…I felt like I was being cheered on by a likeable cheerleader…Burks hit home on a lot of issues that both women and men have to deal with…Constance B., Blogcritics Magazine

Pamela didn’t start her career as a coach or writer.  Ms. Burks development a successful Project and Change Management Career, after guaduating from Michigan State University.  But received more joy from mentoring others compelling her to obtain her coaching certification.

Always Room for You
“When I was a kid, my mother taught me there is always room at the table for one more”.  I’ve help many, “at my table”, answer personal and professional “crossroad” questions, build confidence from doubt, stop saying Yes when you want to say No, and achieve big dreams.
Please join me at my table to chat about your next event. Let’s Chat….Pamela
To Request me to speak to your group, or request a coaching conversation…   

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