Give ARK…this season

It’s the CRAZY time of year when you’re running here and there and it seems like everything is needed NOW!.  Let’s take a moment to remember this is the PERFECT time of year to remember what matters MOST to you.  It’s the RELATIONSHIP not the gifts.  It’s the JOY not the disagreements.  It’s the MEMORIES of those we love and loved and all that we’ve meant to one another along the way.

One of the things I’m grateful for this year, in addition to being connected to you, is the memory of Christmas’s past when life seemed simpler and riding my bike was the major TO DO on my list!  Not everyone has wonderful memories of yesterday so I cherish those memories that bring me joy. 
Sometimes people are sad during the holiday and it can be difficult to attend celebrations and be in the holiday crowds.  I make sure those who are having a hard time are not excluded during the holidays and I want to request that each of my friends reach out to one of your friends or if possible a stranger this holiday season and share a Act of Random Kindness.  During this season I celebration the birth of Jesus who is a savior for those who believe.  Noah built an ARK – an Act of Random Kindness – which  saved the animal kingdom and all believers of his time.  I believe each of us can provide an Act of Random Kindness during this season.  You never know when your ARK is just the lifeline someone needs to hold on just a little longer until their life gets better.
If you can just smile and say Hi to a stranger that you might have ignored last month or hold the door for someone you would have left to get the door for themselves, that would be nice.  See, it doesn’t take much…just something small.  If you can do that for me this season, I will have all my dreams fulfilled and YOU will be someone who will ALWAYS be remember as that wonderful stranger who did that very wonderful thing for them at a time when when they REALLY need to know someone cared. 
Thanks, in advance for your ARK this season.

Happy Holidays!

Until next time….


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