Get Some Fresh Air!

It’s Saturday and a Holiday weekend. Be Safe BUT Get some fresh air! We’ve been inside for months, and Yes, there are still concerns to be conscious about BUT, fresh (even if chilly) air and sunshine are vital to our emotional wellness. 

Getting out of the house does NOT mean you’re in close contact with other people. 

  • Go for a drive with the windows down! 
  • Pack a lunch and have lunch in a park close to home – outside! 
  • Take a walk in a familiar location (wear your mask) and stretch your legs. 

We are not in an ideal environment BUT, We are resilient! 

Our ability to adjust, be safe, and THRIVE is within us.

The creativity and ingenuity you used to figure out how to do what you’ve always done is the same creativity and ingenuity to apply to stay emotionally healthy.

Sharing what I’ve learned in the last 9 months

At least one day of the week, I need to feel the difference between my day and evening routine, also between the workweek and the weekend. I work from home, as most of us do, and the days and weeks can start to blur together without something that creates a break between them.

  • My routine breaks include:
  • Friday, I get off early, and we have “old movie night” at my house. No, not moldy oldies. We love action and things blowing up movies! We pick a movie, have finger food for dinner, then pop the popcorn, pour a glass of wine (or your favorite spirit), and watch movies we KNOW we’ll enjoy! Vary the routine with Foods around the world, Order in instead of cooking, try wines from around the world, change the movie genre, or play a board game and add your special-twist with new rules.
  • Wednesdays, I change the linen. Not exciting, but it changes the evening routine. 
  • At least one day a week (Tuesday or Thursday for me), I take a break in the middle of the day and sit in the sunlight in the backyard or go for a short drive.  
  • Sunlight provides Natural Vitamin D, which reduces anxiety and increases your body’s ability to fight disease.
  • I decorate or change or rearrange rooms in my house for each season change.  
  • You may not feel like decorating but transforming “the look” of the rooms where you spend most time will reduce the humdrum feeling of being “cooped up” in one place. I’m not a big feng shui person, but it can provide ideas for rearranging items in your rooms for a completely different look or feel.

It’s Saturday. Get out of the house at least 15 minutes today and tomorrow to be emotionally healthy during the week. Want more emotionally healthy tips? Just Ask! Send me a message at the bottom of the page on this link!  Just Ask!  


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