Speak Like a Pro!

The words you choose, your facial expressions, your delivery habits and your confidence level are contributors to your effectiveness as a presenter and speaker.  What you say and how you say it are as important as the content of your message.  To speak like a pro, you need to master all the skills.

Be an expert using the skills below:

Voice and Diction Body Language    Performance Critique
Voice Quality    Facial Expressions    Use of Space
Volume for Effect    Stance    Microphone Use
Vocal Variety & Emotion    Body Positioning    Video & Audio Recordings
Voice and Diction    Presentation tips    Presentation Assessments

Be Heard! Be Recognized! Be Memorable!

Select the Segment that best fits your need or choose them all!

Segment 1 –Content Development    schedule button
– Selecting your words – Convey Power and Conviction
– Speaking/Writing in images – Word Imagery creates memorable messages
– Using your 5 senses to clearly deliver your INTENDED message

Segment 2 – Speaking face to faceschedule button
– 5 keys to manage nervousness
– Sound knowledgeable – Pace, Pitch and Passion in your voice
– Non-Verbal talking – your facial expressions

Deliver Group Presentationsschedule button
– Standing and using your presentation space
– Vocal Vitality – Variety, Intonation and Volume
– Skillfully handle handouts/props/PowerPoint

How you deliver your message is as important as the content of the message. Correct breathing supports a strong voice sound and quality along with vocal variety, speed, pitch, and tone.

Speaking Online or not local for Face to Face Coaching?
Online Coaching is a great solution for distance coaching or last minute confidence boosting. If you have a camera on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, you can take advantage of online support to “Deliver Your Intended Message” professionally and clearly.

Critique for Expert Message Delivery              schedule button
A professional critique of your delivery style will add the finishing touches to your presentation.  Avoid distracting your listeners  with overuse of hand gestures, speaking too fast, incongruent “signals” and other habits that can be identified in a presentation delivery critique.  Your live, online critique while delivering a practice presentation will make you look like a Pro!  This is a MUST HAVE to make your BEST impression.

Be Heard! Be Recognized! Be Successful!