Missing a Little Calm in your Life?

Need a moment to catch your breath?

Just Breathe when Anxious or Overwhelmed
Trust Yourself when you’re being told you can’t

Are you taking CARE of yourself? Do you know what it takes to care for your needs? Have you said…

Don’t have time?   
Don’t know how without feeling guilty?
I’m OK, it’s others that are more important.

No Worries, Creating a Self-Care Routine is easier than you think.

The cost of ignoring your needs is creating stress, illness, depression, and overall poor physical health.

You can’t care for others if you are “broken down”! 

Take the Time to Listen to your Emotions

Physical –

-Balance Activity to Rest Time
-Eat Quality Foods-Protein, Whole Fruits & Raw Vegetables
-Create habits & routines that naturally exercise your muscles.

Social –

Humans crave Face-To-Face interactions but they can be stressful. Limit online and direct interactions that you don’t enjoy.


-Your “feelings” will alert you to environments, situations, and circumstances that are hostile for you.
-Listen to your emotional alerts.

Spiritual –

Faith in a power higher than ourselves provides comfort in overwhelming situations. Find faith and BELIEVE.

Financial –

-Money is a resource tool NOTHING MORE. You can barter for the value exchange of services and products.
-Use money as a resource tool, not a goal or status symbol.

Environmental –

-Sunshine is valuable medicine freely giving Vitamin D and creating dopamine to naturally uplift thoughts and emotions.
-Keep sunshine in your daily life even in the winter months.

No Worries, Creating a Self-Care Routine is easier than you think.


Finding Calm and Caring for yourself is not difficult when you have step-by-step programs focused on YOUR Self-Care.