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C.H.L.L.- Change Habits, Live Life
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Your habits can MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU and often it’s NOT easy to determine which habit is which!  Sure procrastination and Self-Sabotague are ones to identify but do you know how to change them?  Do you even recognize them when you exhibit them?  When habits like over commitment, self-sabotage and work-a-holism become limiters, CHLL will Kick your limiting habits out of your life, so you can CHLL!      

Self Improvement
Identify and target your limiting habits for change.  Focus on what to do differently and when.

Maintaining Balance
Maintaining your Life balance is the “acceptance” and the “rejection” of people, situations and activities in your life. Responding not Reacting maintains your CALM and CLARITY.

Tame Your Superwoman
The need to “Control” can leave you lonely when others pull away from your controlling behavior or when you “do it all” and never have time to spend with others.  Either way releasing your “inner control freak” is a healthier lifestyle.  Let it “be” as my grandmother used to say, and enjoy more time and less stress in your life.
Have your heard your Words?
Do you often find yourself apologizing before speaking your opinion?  Are the words you use revealing more about you than you want others to know?  Are your words telling others how to treat you?  Words are Powerful and what you say about yourself has a HUGH impact to others and to YOU!  Speaking with assurance and speaking positively about yourself has major impact on you inner and outer confidence, perceived leadership ability and promote-ability!

Speak with POISE

Projection,Opportunity,Information,Sincerity and Engagement – P.O.I.S.E.! 
✔ Vocal Vitality (excitement)
✔ Facial Expression (using the mirror)
✔ Vocal Intonation
✔ Volume, When – Where and how
✔ Video Critique – 30 min.
This segment is also offered as a separate Coaching Conversation for $399.

Deliver Your Message is a full Presentation Program that includes Content Development, Speaking face to face and Presentation to Groups. 
Speak Confidently Workshop Webinar is offered in the fall of each year.


Power & Passion Within  
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DO what you want to DO
Where you want to BE
with the FREEDOM to be WHO you are
no matter WHERE you are
and focus on just YOU!

Clarity and Focus from Your Power Within

Illuminate your POWER WITHIN to have clear focus and the Confidence to have what you want!

  • Reveal your Strengths and Increase your Emotional Power
  • Speak without doubting what you say or how others will perceive it.
  • Develop the personality characteristics you want while replacing negative habits.
  • Be Clear about “What Matters Most” to you when making decisions
  • Stop asking for permission and Do it!
  • Be supported every step of the way.

Self Discovery and Empowerment to BLOOM into your BEST YOU!
Your True North

You’re busy with all the roles you fill for others but somehow YOU feel “out of sync”. Nothing is really wrong but something is not quite right either. A discovery journey within will refocus you on what’s really important… reveal natural talents, strong traits, what drives you and what drives you crazy!Extremely busy lifestyles benefit from a resilient mindset to maintain healthy responses to life’s interruptions.
Do You!
There is an ART to Being YOU. Your style, Your presence, Your personal flair are attraction attributes that make you unique. Confidently speaking about your attributes without feeling or sounding “braggy” is a skill that can propel you forward.  Not knowing HOW to promote yourself can hold you back.  You CAN be comfortable knowing when to Stand Out and when to Stand Down to master the ART of being you! All 5 segments are included: 1. Promoting yourself 2. Your “Lady” and Your “Vamp” 3. Detailing your “Chassis”, 4. Be a Star, 5) Creating Boundaries.


Success Principles 
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PARR framework is a process that will keep you motivated, accountable and show you how to adjust when life interruptions happen.  Contributions from Dr. Stephen Covey, Patricia Fripp and Tony Alessandra in my book, “Success Simplified, Simple Solutions, Measurable Results” are invaluable. Wrap the PARR process around your goals and Get it DONE!            

Success doesn’t just happen…..It’s planned!

P.A.R.R. - Plan, Action, Review, Recalculate  - framework for Preparation, Persistence and Perseverance.
Preparation  Your “Due North” GPS Planning with Persistence to keep the dream “active” while living life’s interruptions and the internal and external motivation of Perseverance.
Deliver a Clear Message
Words are only one part of your communication.  Other “read” your face, body language and of course the words you use.  Using them well opens doors or closes them.  If you’re not understood, you might as well not have said anything at all.  Communicate to open doors, create a following, lead a team.  Be understood not just heard.   Includes Content Development – Word Use.  Content Delivery – Vocal tone, Body language, nervous habits.Presentation Critique – Assessment and Review of a formal presentation delivery.
Getting to DONE
Stay on Track – combat interruptions, delays, disappointments, engage your “GPS” to stay on target. Maintain Momentum – high tech and low tech tools to keep your momentum high. Track Progress and of course Celebrate! – quick ways to keep an eye on progress.
Plan B
The big events in life create opportunities to alter our path to obtain our Optimal Life Outcomes. Creating a Plan B allows you to make adjustments to the path while maintaining the goal. It’s the GPS re-route to the unplanned detour or a re-route to a different version of your goal. When life has detoured you, you need a Plan B.
Idea to Action
You’ve had this idea for a while or it’s your goal for this year. You really want to get it from inside your head to actionable steps for achievement, but how? These 7 steps transform your Vision to Reality with actionable detail steps that guide you from breaking the vision into steps, identifying your potential barriers, adjusting your existing schedule to find the time to take those steps and realizing your progress as you complete each step. It’s guide that walks your every step of the way.

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Looking for something to read?  I recommend these three books.    $20 ea.


Self Esteem and Empowerment
For Women 

“Positive CAN DO Attitude”



Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome 

“Finding Your Joy”


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Success Simplified
Simple Solutions Measurable Results

“Planning Success”
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