Present with POISE – Self Study!

By popular request, Present with P.O.I.S.E. Self Study course is New for 2021.

This self-study curriculum was developed with POISE Coaching client input which means you get what is most commonly requested for building a professional image on Camera and on Podcast!

Speak Confidently Workshop

Its time your voice is heard! Your opinions respected and your Whether you want to inspire, train, motivate or influence the development of others this workshop provide the tools you need to delivery your message. The workshop invites speakers, networkers, community leaders, business owners and managers who desire to speak more confidently.  Its the workshop for the shy and introverted as well as the extrovert who wants to be more involved in conversations and feel part of the group. 

You’ll learn to use word to create a visual image when you talk and express your message succintly and clearing using word exchanges.

How you deliver your message is as important as the content of the message.  Correct breathing supports a strong voice sound and quality along with vocal variety, speed, pitch, and tone.

To gain the most from your learning experience both video and audio of your presentations will allow you to see yourself as you audience sees you! 

Your Trainer

Speaker Competition Award

Pamela has been speaking and singing publicly since the age of 10.  She is an award winning speaker and vocalist as well as author and coach.  Her clients gain focus, confidence and achieve their goals to be the BEST!  Her Signature Programs,
The Power Within and CHLL-Change Habits, Live Life, reveals your inner strength and designs the lifestyle you want to live.  
She is dedicated to create new opportunities for you to grow and THRIVE!
Be Confident Be Empowered Be Inspired!