It's time to change Old Habits 
It's time to CHLL!
Change old habits, create new ones, change your mind to change your life experiences.  It’s possible, I did it.  I’ll show you how.

Change Habits, Live Life  

Your habits can MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU and often it’s NOT easy to determine which habit is which! 

Sure procrastination and Self-Sabotage are habits to change but do you know HOW to change them?  Do you even recognize them when you exhibit them? 

Habits like “over-commitment”, “self-sabotage”, “work-a-holism” and “self-doubt” limit your joy.   CHLL guides you to replace old habits with habits that feed your dreams and desires for the life you WANT. 

Life is short… you need to CHLL! and enjoy.   Schedule a Consultation! 


Changing your MIND changes everything else.  I was just laid off, for the 5th time in 4 years, and believed I couldn’t do any better than entry-level, at the mercy of random layoffs without notice. Life was kicking my butt! I believed it would NOT get any better. As long as I believed that…it was true. I had to change my mind FIRST to change my experiences. Working from the inside out, I totally transformed from indecision, un-worthiness, and afraid to take chances that would make me happy.  So I started with thoughts and I DISCOVERed what emotional habits to change so my chances didn’t continue to slip by me.  I uncovered what could be different for me if I felt confident and courageous and what I could do about it. 

Dream & Clarity

At that point in my life, I was afraid to dream. Every time I “dared to dream” I found myself disappointed and asking why I set myself up for disappointment?  What I eventually figured out was dreaming did not set me up for disappointment.  My disappointment came from my lack of faith in myself and a misunderstanding about the difference between failure and life learning processes.   Once I learned the difference, my disappointments were fewer and I gained true CLARITY about expectations, how to handle life DETOURS and how to RECALCULATE those detours to prevent them from becoming roadblocks. Now, I love DREAMing because dreams are the starting points of what you want to have.

Pathway & Guidance to THRIVE

BUILDing my Self-Faith was really hard for me and I had setbacks, so many setbacks, simply because I was building without any guidance.  I learned the hardest way possible, but I learned.  I was determined to know how to trust myself, and use my own experiences as my foundation for self-faith, then grow that into Self-Confidence.  But how would I apply it? Ask, and an answer will be provided! That’s when I learned how to use what I know in one area of my life as leverage to progress in another area of my life.  I learned how to apply learned task skills to detour and recalculate around my personal life roadblocks and achieve my dreams.  I created my first “how-to” STRATEGY, to create a pathway to my dreams, apply my self faith with DETERMINATION and COMMITMENT and make progress.  I felt powerful and in control. It took a LOT of planning and adjusting but I achieved that dream and learned how to THRIVE through change and challenge.

Making changes is a lot to consider and on the surface, your journey may appear overwhelming but when you take it one step at a time and have someone to travel with you who’s been on a similar journey, it’s possible and even enjoyable. Twenty years later and I’ve never been laid off again, made progressively more money but I’m most proud of my self-confidence. I even summoned the courage to co-authored three books!

Celebrate Yourself

So, where are you?  Moving in the direction you want to move or being tossed around by one thing or another?  If you’re not experiencing moments of CELEBRATION and joy, you’re missing out, and it’s not necessary. I celebrate all the time! You can too!

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Ideas, Dreams, and Sweet Memories! Capture them along your journey, reveal the path you took to a life of enjoyment and see your progress along the way! It’s encouraging, motivating, shows you how much you can do.

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