Give ARK…this season

It's the CRAZY time of year when you're running here and there and it seems like everything is needed NOW!.  Let's take a moment to remember this is the PERFECT time of year to remember what matters MOST to you.  It's the RELATIONSHIP not the gifts.  It's the JOY not the disagreements.  It's the MEMORIES of those we love and loved and all that we've meant to one another along the way. One of the things I'm grateful for this year, in addition to being connected to you, is the memory of Christmas's past when life seemed simpler and riding my bike...

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Thankful for my Family

  Choosing Family How do I CHOSE my family?  That’s easy!  At times when relatives were too far away to physically “be there” for m,e I paid attention to who IS “there for me” and who I would be willing to “be there for” through life’s ups and downs, thick and thin.  Those are the people I include in my family.  Family, to me are people who love me for me without requirements and without drama.  I even include my CHOSEN family WITH my related family when I plan events. My CHOSEN family are just that close to me.  I'm Thankful...

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Overwhelm – Tame It!

The most common reason for feeling overwhelm is trying to make the perfect decision – flawless, without error. Truth be told, there are no perfect decisions.  All decision are flawed in some way because we cannot see the future and we can only see the past from our own perspective and unfortunately most life decisions don’t give us enough time to figure out the perfect answer.  Because we don't have the perfect answer does not mean you don't make good decisions.  But we agonize over them more than we should. The steps to create a foundation for making your Best...

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