We have an APB out for “Liar” and “Fraidy Kat”.

We have an APB – All Points Bulletin - out for “The Liar” and her accomplice “Fraidy Kat”. BE ON the LOOKOUT THEY ARE IN YOUR HEAD! Your emotions are telling you that other people don’t like you and your boss thinks you’re an IDOIT! When you try to “appease” your emotions, you actually create the dislike and mistrust that your emotions are telling you exists! To regain control you need to apprehend the “What IF” Sisters: “Miss Emotions” and “Fraidy Kat”   You’ll find Liar first.  She’s the bravest of the two.  She sneeks up to you and starts to...

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Reset Now Podcast coming Soon!

Be inspired and empowered to rebound from life's interruptions! Find your Resilience factor and Bounce Back! Life interruptions are like construction zones on the freeway. They're temporary but irritating! Learn the keys to quickly re-route around them and keep it moving! Reset is a Podcast for YOU if you're ever interrupted by unexpected life experiences. It's YOUR recovery connection! Life can be a bully sometimes, fight back! It's time to RESET! The first 20 people who sign up become lifetime members. To get in early...Send a message from the footer of my website with the subject line: Reset Podcast and...

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Celebrating HERStory

Inviting you to read the latest issue of F.L.Y. and Sassy Magazine. Celebrating Women's HERstory this month! Read The March HERStory Issue:

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