Yes is not FOREVER and No is not NEVER What we believe determines what we doLife changes and so do our Perceptions. The Pamela Burks Show September 25, 2019

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Calm in Chaos

                              At times the "storms" of my life have blown in so fast I barely had enough time to respond before starting damage control.   When time is excessively short and life catches you off guard, most of us REACT to what's happening around us.  Reactions are not thought out and are typically emotional shock reactions. They can create hurt feelings or cause you to take actions that would not have been taken if more thought was given to them.  A "reaction" happens when you are...

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Reset Now Podcast coming Soon!

Be inspired and empowered to rebound from life's interruptions! Find your Resilience factor and Bounce Back! Life interruptions are like construction zones on the freeway. They're temporary but irritating! Learn the keys to quickly re-route around them and keep it moving! Reset is a Podcast for YOU if you're ever interrupted by unexpected life experiences. It's YOUR recovery connection! Life can be a bully sometimes, fight back! It's time to RESET! The first 20 people who sign up become lifetime members. To get in early...Send a message from the footer of my website with the subject line: Reset Podcast and...

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