Get Some Fresh Air!

It's Saturday and a Holiday weekend. Be Safe BUT Get some fresh air! We've been inside for months, and Yes, there are still concerns to be conscious about BUT, fresh (even if chilly) air and sunshine are vital to our emotional wellness.  Getting out of the house does NOT mean you're in close contact with other people.  Go for a drive with the windows down!  Pack a lunch and have lunch in a park close to home - outside!  Take a walk in a familiar location (wear your mask) and stretch your legs.  We are not in an ideal environment...

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Release Stress and Rejuvenate

We all feel some level of increased stress with all that has happened this year and the election!  Psychologists have said, if you're not sleeping well, that's understandable.   It's not a surprise that we're experiencing relaxation challenges, but there are ways to reduce the stress of your day. Consider approaching stress from 3 directions. During the most stress-ful part of the day... Add an uplifting fragrance to your stressful space.  I use Spearmint or Cinnamon in either a diffuser, warmer, or flakes in a small glass jar to promote relaxation. Make Evening meal prep easy this week...   Make one dish casseroles, Salads, or Soup...

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Speaking Your Language

The way we help one another grow is by talking with one another. Truly "hearing" one another is when we grow closest to each other. Both personal and professional relationships grow from talking and truly hearing one another through the language of understanding. Encouraging understanding is how I support family, friends, and clients build their relationships. My gifts of "clarity from chaos" truly "hearing" your heart" and translating what's in your heart to clear, actionable words are how I grow my own relationships too! I've enhanced my gifts by learning to translate words from the heart into the language of...

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