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Release Stress and Rejuvenate

We all feel some level of increased stress with all that has happened this year and the election!  Psychologists have said, if you’re not sleeping well, that’s understandable.  

It’s not a surprise that we’re experiencing relaxation challenges, but there are ways to reduce the stress of your day.

Consider approaching stress from 3 directions.

During the most stress-ful part of the day…

  • Add an uplifting fragrance to your stressful space.  I use Spearmint or Cinnamon in either a diffuser, warmer, or flakes in a small glass jar to promote relaxation.

Make Evening meal prep easy this week…  

  • Make one dish casseroles, Salads, or Soup and sandwiches as easy to create, low-stress options for lunch or dinner or both!

Create a wind-down routine at the end of the day, which starts 2 hours before you want to be asleep…  

  • A warm bath or shower then crawling into bed to listen to soothing music, sounds of nature or a low key content audiobook create a calmer brain activity level so your mind can stop racing and your muscles can relax so you can sleep.

You may have heard these options before but the key to their success is actually DOING them!   If you haven’t actually tried these 3 options you owe yourself the benefit of their calming value.  


Emotional Health

Remember “this too shall pass”.  Nothing good or bad will last forever.  Just as the seasons still pass this year, so shall all the distractions, disappointments, discontent, and dilemmas.  

Find your spiritual point within and if you’re having trouble “connecting” just speak from your heart what concerns you.  Your words will be heard.


Clearing your Mind

Stop beating yourself up for “brain fog” you’ve got enough to worry about and reasons to be stress and unsettled.  As a copywriter, I find comfort in writing letters.  

Not to anyone in particular but the act of writing allows me to release the stress in my muscles, the thoughts in my head, and what’s on my heart through the tactile action of writing.  I even keep a note pad by my bed so I can record the thoughts that invade my dreams.


Once I write them down (I don’t even turn the light on, I just write – correct spelling is not required!) I can usually get back to sleep.  Whatever I wrote down during the night will either be brilliant or unimportant.  As long as I capture it, my mind no longer has to focus on it to keep me awake.   I’ve achieved my purpose.

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