"Engaging", "Energetic", "Connects with her audience", are just some of the comments used to describe my work. 

I've developed and delivered corporate presentations to sales teams, inspired women's church groups and motivated entrepreneurs.  I'm passionate about the professional and personal growth of women and a champion of entrepreneurship. 

I've learned to move within my fear, make better decisions with personal strategy and planning, overcome past disappointments to trust again, rebuilt confidence by changing habits that led to disappointment, positively manage life challenge and change and balanced my time with my values to balance my life. I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with your group.  

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Topics include:

    4 Self Esteem                   4 Success Planning  

    4 Positive Attitude             4 Goal Setting

      4 Life Balance

Topic focus:

  Positive Self-Talk to uplift your Self-Esteem,

  Build Confidence and give Encouragement to
  Step beyond your comfort zone, fears and

  Change Limiting Habits to make better choices & achieve your Dreams

  Align your values with your actions,

  Balance your life to enjoy life more and have positive relationships


Speaker Titles:
  Confidence Looks Good on YOU!             Do YOU!

  Taking Inventory of Joy in your life             Stop Apologizing

  Believe in the Power of your WORDS      Yes! You Can!

  Are you the Bull in your china shop?         Tipping the Scales (balance)

  Get Balanced/Stay Balanced                     It's Not Self-ish, It's Self-Care
  Have you hear what your words say about Yourself?       You're a Gift!

Each title can be delivered for 30 minutes up to 2 hour presentations.   Workshops can be delivered on the same titles and can be tailored to your event needs





  08/21 - Pamela Speaks - Topic: 5 Steps to

               Make It Happen

           6:00pm ET- F.L.Y and Fit Radio

  09/01 - Inspired Coaching  Tele-Seminar

              Topic: Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman

             6:00pm ET- Seminar number provided at registration

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